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Kerry K Skiffington, DHyp, CHt, and Clinical Mental Health Counselor


New Year Intention 2017 SPECIAL OFFER

This is the time of year for renewing those positive intentions but what will you do differently THIS year to really fulfill those dreams?

New client openings right now to release smoking habits, extra weight, hot flashes, fears and phobias through motivational hypnotherapy.

Change is like getting rid of dandelions in the yard: you can get rid of them a single mowing – but to get rid of them for good you need them out at the roots, which is what hypnosis does that no diet, no psychotherapist, no willpower approach can do. That's how and why hypnotherapy is different.


Special Offer is any 1-hr introductory or single session $50/hr pre-paid (regular fees range from $65-$125/hr); free if your referral attends and pays for one appointment at the same rate by January 31st.



Permanent Personal Change.....   Hypnosis Works

Kerry K Skiffington - 802-345-2948

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mental Health Counselor rostered in the state of Vermont      



Dr Kerry K Skiffington, PhD, DHyp, CHt Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Sessions in the comfort of your own home using SKYPETM
Phone: 802-345-2948 or Email: catamount52@gmavt.net

Kerry K Skiffington, DHyp, CHt, MA-CMHC

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and rostered mental health counselor
Sessions in the comfort of our own home using SKYPETM

 Phone: 802-345-2948  Email: catamount52@gmavt.net - label it with HYPNOSIS PLEASE in the subject line, thanks.