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Kerry K Skiffington, DHyp, CHt, and Clinical Mental Health Counselor


Permanent Personal Change.....   Hypnosis Works

Kerry K Skiffington - (802) 448-2970

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mental Health Counselor rostered in the state of Vermont      



Dr Kerry K Skiffington, PhD, DHyp, CHt Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Sessions in the comfort of your own home using SKYPE-tm
Phone: (802) 448-2970 or Email: catamount145@gmail.com

Kerry K Skiffington, DHyp, CHt, MA-CMHC

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and rostered mental health counselor
Sessions in the comfort of our own home using SKYPETM

 Phone: (802) 448-2970   Email: catamount145@gmail.com - label it with HYPNOSIS PLEASE in the subject line, thanks.