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Dr Kerry K Skiffington, PhD, DHyp, CHt

Pain Relief: it's up to you to find it
I'll be your Guide
Make a start with 4 initial session to learn self-hypnosis and the fundamentals then move on to targeted Pain Relief work.
You've probably done a million things to manage your paina and probably for years. So why believe me? Hypnotherapist Dan Cleary, a specialist in pain relief (yes, that's R-E-L-I-E-F), has a personal history of improving his life through hypnosis after a motorcycle accident. In this podcast, he explains how hypnotherapy got rid of his pain and how he teaches others to do the same.
Here in Vermont, I have had many successes with clients challenged by pain and injury using Dan's approach and more. Call for a free 20-minute phone or SKYPE consultation and find yourself pain-free! Results begin on the first dedicated pain relief session. Your third is session free of charge with the purchase of a full 10-session program.


Permanent Personal Change

 As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist,

Dr Skiffington can help YOU become FREE of
many ordinary complaints or symptoms, whether emotional, spiritual or physical.







It is time for Catalyst COACHING

It's time follow through on those Spring plans for the house, the garden, the car. You need concrete goals spelled out and the will to keep focus and motivation to accomplish the actions steps necessary. That's what Catalyst COACHING™ is about.

The unique Hypnotic Booster every 90 days gives you the extra help to stay motivated. And motivation is the key  to hoped-for results.

This is a fast-paced, action-oriented approach, complementary to other healing or general life coaching progra.


The basis of coaching is the setting of goals. Hypnosis puts those goals directly into your subconscious mind.

Catalyst COACHING™ provides you with specifically set goals with dates of completion no more than 90 days in the future. These may be stand-alone or action steps in the accomplishment of more long-term goals. Either way, you will be listening at least every other night to your own specific goals put into hypnotic suggestions engaging your subconscious mind in manifesting the goals into reality while the conscious mind is engaged through coaching.

Now is the time to find out and implement what it takes in the real world to make your goals a reality. The combination of a new coaching method, hypnotherapy, and a recorded guided meditation with your specific dated goals imbedded within gives you a unique lifesaver which:

  • Gets jobs for those who do not have them in a highly competitive job market
  • Saves those who already have jobs from losing them
  • Gets your promotions at a time when others are being downsized
  • Is a boon to you business owners who need this extra edge to keep those businesses afloat and profitable in any economy.

Call 802/345-2948 to begin your Catalyst Coaching™ today.

Dr Kerry K Skiffington, PhD, DHyp, CHt Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Sessions in the comfort of your own home using SKYPETM
Phone: 802-345-2948 or Email: catamount52@gmavt.net

Dr Kerry K Skiffington, PhD, DHyp, CHt
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Sessions in the comfort of our own home using SKYPETM

 Phone: 802-345-2948  Email: catamount52@gmavt.net