Weight Control

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Weight Control: Fat to Slim from Within

  • Shed weight for life

  • Follow your own eating plan

  • Follow your own exercise plan

  • No Weigh-ins

  • No Points

  • No expensive brand named foods

  • FREEDOM from old eating habits

When Every Diet has Failed YOU

Over-eating as a habit does not come naturally. It is the physical manifestation of inner turmoil or conflict, stress or trauma; sometimes it is a means to protect ourselves: over-eating is often compensation. Think about it: cakes, candy or other 'forbidden' foods were given to us as children

1) as a reward, 2) when we cried or were sad, or 3) as a bribe to get us to cooperate

to pretend we are happy when we're not.

The message? Eating = Happy

Over-eating that continues through our lifetimes is our Sub-conscious Mind doing the exact same thing! We learned it along with 'Please' & 'Thank You.' And you can change this habit just as easily.

With hypnosis, you can change that dynamic, re-write that internal script, and be FREE.

First we create a personalized plan or roadmap with a Life Guidance Discovery Session. Your plan will create the clarity of purpose, the desire, the motivation and determination necessary to reach your weight goals, for getting from where you are to where you want to be. Imagine a healthy eating strategy that comes naturally, the background noise of thinking about calories, points, expensive packaged foods, and weigh-ins completely gone, ... gone forever.

What weight-control clients say

- “I wanted to...let you know. A few weeks ago I went to a doctor's appointment and the scale indicated that I got rid of 25 pounds. I plan to keep on shedding until I am '130 pounds or less.' I am feeling better overall: I got a haircut!”


- “I really enjoyed relaxing into better habits

(both in the office and at home with my CD)

- with good results as well.




Reinbursement sometimes possible through Insurance and Flexible Spending Accounts with a prescription

and/or doctor's referral. Ask for details.